Mobility in Lindau 08.04.18 - 14.04.18

The teachers of the countries came with their students from 08.04. to 14.04.18.
They stayed in Lindau with their hosting families. You can see the map of Lindau here.
Here you can see the program for the students and for the adults.
In the newspaper you can read this article.

Monday, 09.04.2018

First meeting - Get to know each other - Sightseeing tour in Lindau - Welcome by major in the townhall Lindau

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Tuesday, 10.04.2018

Homework: Our Country, Report about refugees - Workshop: Smartphones and Learning apps - Trip to the mountain "Pfänder" - Trip to Bregenz "Seebühne"

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Wednesday, 11.04.2018

Trip to Insel Mainau

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Thursday, 12.04.2018

Workshop: "Communication with emojis" and "Internet licence" - sports and games (pupils) - project meeting (adults) - Art exhibition "August Macke" (adults) - miniature golf (pupils) - cooking (Spätzle - Apfelstrudel) and party in the evening

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Friday, 13.04.18

Project Meeting (adults) - Feedback and hospitation in classes (pupils)

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Preparing the mobility date in Lindau

The pupils were busy in decorating the school for the guests. They painted flaggs, collected informations of the countries and created posters. They learned a special song for the first meeting.

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Logo and Slogan Competition

In our school some classes tried to create a slogan and a logo. The winner logo was created in a project in class 6gt.

They worked in groups on our school’s topic of the year “Together strong“.  In class 6gt are 10 different nations and we all have to work together. We created a poster for our classroom.

blog hands1blog hands2

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That’s why we talked about hands and what we can do with them symbolically. So, what can you do with our hands? Helping, hitting, showing somebody signs, congratulating, shaking hands, protecting and so on. We thought about what kind of gestures and signs we could do with our hands.The pupils were busy in: Painting, cutting, working with shadows, taking pictures and printing.

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In another group we talked about our Erasmus project. And the children had the idea, that hands can protect the world in real nature and also in its digital form, when we get connected with respect and kindness. So, the idea for this logo and the slogan was born.

blog handslogo3Erasmus Logo FINAL Germany 400 Kopie



Pupils from class 6 to 7 worked with the questionaires.

The 11 to 14 years old children were busy in giving answers to each country.

They learned about flags, favourite food and the capitals of the countries.

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